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Snapshot does not get copied into clipboard


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I'm on Nitro Pro, Windows 10.

When taking a snapshot of an area with the snapshot tool, nothing gets copied to the Windows clipboard. Tried pasting in various applications but all of them think the the clipboard is empty.

Here's a screencast I recorded showing the issue (with a paste attempt in Paint): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBmmLgTP-6M?vq=hd1080

Text, by the way, gets nicely copied from Nitro and pasted in other apps (as shown towards the end of the video above).

Any ideas?

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Did some more experimentation and this now looks more like a Windows rather than a Nitro issue. Pasting images doesn't work, period, no matter where these images have been copied from.

Interestingly, copied images DO appear in the Windows clipboard history (Win key + V), but they simply cannot be pasted. Instead, Windows will paste any text it finds in the clipboard history, even if it was copied long before an image was copied.

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