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Can not create PDF with javascript function

Thomas Bernhardt

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Thomas Bernhardt


i´m using Nitro Pro and i try to code some javascripts functions in my pdf.

I have tried different ways but it is not possible

  • to create a function and call it, for example, on the mouse up event
  •  modifiy the existing code

The reason why i buy nitro is to use javascript in the pdf and no it did not work. For me nitro is useless.

Can someone please tell me, what i have to do or show me someone a file with included javascript.


Thank you for help an sorry for the bad english !!


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Thomas Bernhardt
So if a program is described as the alternative to Adobe, then one can actually expect that the functions can also be used.

Nitro PDF Pro does not provide support if the program contains significant bugs, nor is it willing to reimburse costs when it is useless.

At the moment I can only advise everyone to think twice before choosing this solution!
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