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[Apple Silicon; Mac OS 12.5.1] Issue with Nitro PDF Pro 13.3.0: Mac OS Treats PDFs as Applications and Won't Assign PDF Pro as Default Application

John T Davis

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John T Davis


I'm running Mac OS 12.5.1 on a Mac Studio, and having a bizarre issue. Every time I try to use the "Always Open With" option to change the default PDF viewer to Nitro PDF Pro, I get the attached error message. It's like Mac OS is treating each PDF as an application distributed by a developer who didn't properly sign it, so I have to approve opening the "Application" every time I want to open a PDF file.

Just double-clicking the PDF opens it in Preview, since I've never been able to change the default application.

I'd really appreciate some help with this. It is profoundly annoying, and interferes with my workflow several times a day.



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