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Document Page Not Displaying Correctly

Thomas Rathbone

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Thomas Rathbone

I have an unusual situation where just one page on a catalogue I am reviewing is not displaying properly when opened with Nitro Pro 13. I did not put the catalogue together it was done by the marketing company. Unfortunately I cannot upload any images here so I will do my best to explain the issue.  On the particular page there is an image. When opening the catalogue with Nitro Pro 13 this image is shown as a rectangle and hides some of the text that is on the page. However the image had been ammended to a triangle shape so that the text would be clearly visible and readable.  After this ammendemnt was done it was still showing as a rectangle and hiding the text when opened with Nitro. To determine whether it was Nitro or something else I opened the document on my phone and it displayed perfectly. Following this I then installed Adobe Acrobat DC Reader to determine whether it was my PC, Nitro or maybe something else. Using Adobe to view the particular page it displayed perfectly (triangle shaped image with text clearly readable). In addition I have also opened the document on another PC which does not have Nitro or Adobe on it but another pdf program and again the page in question displayed perfectly.

Anybody any ideas what might be going on here? Is it something that the marketing company may have done or not done with the image or is it Nitro? Any help or advice much appreciated. Nitro is my default pdf program and I haven't until now, had any other pdf program on my pc for years so would very much like to get to the bottom of this issue.

Many thanks.


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