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Bug with WebDav share with Authentication

Don Bowman

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I have a drive mapped T:.

It us using WebDav with Authentication. Conceptually it is https://foo:bar@example.com

All things on windows can use this without trouble except Nitro Pro. What happens in Nitro Pro, according to the network trace, is it discovers the share is WebDav, and it attempts to go there directly, without the authentication. E.g. it issues a PROPFIND or GET to https://example.com. This results in an HTTP 401, and a failure. You can tell that it is Nitro Pro since the User-Agent is set to Nitro <version> rather than Microsoft mini redir as with all other applications.

I cannot find a way to disable this erroneous behaviour. I want it to just use the Windows networking and filesystem as-is, not try and replicate.

Please advise.

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