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Document disappears as getting ready to send for signature ?

Brian Plum

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Okay I am using v13 of Nitro Pro and have been using it since March.

But I have not used the request for signature page for two weeks, or more.

When document appears in window and I enter the clients name & email address, then I go to put the signature page on the document.....and the document disappears completely.

Have done this a half dozen times, and even if I just click on the document it disappears....do you know why this is happening !!!

It is getting very frustrating, as I have a client waiting to sign three documents.


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Again second request, as in Nitro Sign documents disappear without knowing where they have gone.

Documents appear at first then just clicking mouse on document, or moving adding field to document they totally disappear and do not reappear whatsoever.

Are you able to explain what is going on?

I also noticed that Windows 10 updates have not appeared of late, is there any connection? 

thanks for your help!

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