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form fields - radio button not working with adobe

Anthony Hill

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we create administrative forms where people have to choose from options. We have put in radio buttons so someone can check between 3 options. We prefer to use those vs checkboxes because usually they have to select only one.

since we know most people use adobe reader we want it to be compatible.  The problem we have is when we have to create a new form or make a change, we want to copy and paste the form fields into the new document. what we find is the radio buttons when they are copied and pasted in, when opening with adobe only the first radio button shows up. the other ones do not. the only way we can fix it is to only copy in one radio button then duplicate that one again. It isn't a huge deal but it take a lot of extra time when updating forms. when you hover over the other checkboxes it sort of knows something is here but nothing happens.

the only close workaround i've found is if i elect the first box to be checked by default, the other boxes do show up when you hover over it. but they don't show by default.

any idea?

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