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Unable to respond to Review Comments by others

Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson

This is a 2nd try at getting help...

I routinely get PDFs that include review comments from another party.  When I try to reply to the reviewer's comment, but the "Reply" option is inactive (grayed out).  It seems that I can reply to a markup object (line, oval, etc.), but not to somebody's text box or callout (which is what I would respond to).  Is there a way to make it so I can reply to a text box or callout object?

I made my replies using Adobe Acrobat Pro.  That worked, except that the program keeps crashing.  After saving the file and re-opening in Nitro PDF Pro, my reply comments were visible AND I could reply to them (i.e. reply to myself).  That isn't helpful (i.e. replying to myself).

I am still unable to reply in Nitro PDF Pro to the comment by the reviewing party.

If somebody can help me, I would appreciate it.  This is a common thing I need to use the PDF editor to complete.  I can't afford the time or the money to keep using both this license and Adobe's license.


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