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Print current page in "Facing pages" view on right-hand side not working

Darren Dickens

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Darren Dickens

I am using Nitro Pro

I have "Facing Pages" mode (with File->Preferences->Page View options set to "Facing Pages", "Fit Page", "Left") so I see the complete page for pages 1,2 then 3,4 then 5,6 and so on as the default view.

If I click in page 4 so the cursor I-beam is flashing where I clicked on page 4 (right hand side page of the 2 page view) I expect the current page to be page 4. When I click print and select "Current Page" it shows page 3, i.e. the left hand side page. This is wrong.

I can choose "Custom Page" and enter 4 but that is not the point, current page should be the currently selected page (where the cursor is), not the left hand page.

I do notice that in the page number at the bottom if I click the "Previous Page" or "Next Page" the page number changes in steps of 2, e.g. "1 of 10" to "3 of 10" to "5 of 10" and so on. This reinforces the belief that current page is always the left hand side page but that is wrong (in my eyes). If I am clicking around on page 4 then I am on page 4, not page 3.

Note, "Continuous Facing" has the same problem. In "Single Page" and "Continuous" everything is as expected.

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