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Purchasing and upgrading

Brandon Parkyn

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Brandon Parkyn

I wouldn't be wasting time asking or bringing up other products, but I am having great difficulty finding my answers to my questions:

Purchase Nitro: 179.99
Purchase 1 year upgrades: 35.99
Total: 215.98

12.99 a month 
Total 1 year: 155.98

I really enjoy and like the feel of Nitro, but to purchase the product and purchase the 1 year of upgrades and then have to turn around and purchase the whole program again with another year of upgrades? What am I missing?

After you purchase product and the 1 year of upgrades, can you purchase another year of upgrades the next year or do you have to purchase the entire program again a year later?

How many computers can I, personally, install on to use without breaking terms?

Thank you and I hope that this can work out.  Again really like Nitro and the feel much better than Adobe, but price and money saved each year definitely puts a stop to purchasing.

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