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Nitro Pro Redaction Issues

Ivan Ksrtic

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Ivan Ksrtic

We’re currently experiencing issues with Nitro Pro, specifically the redaction function. We started encountering issues when applying the redactions to the PDFs using Nitro Pro. Mainly the issue has to do with the overlay text disappearing once the redactions are applied, and as our client requires us to match their redaction type in their sources (that means matching the redaction color and/or overlay text), so we would need to look into how to find a solution for this Nitro Pro bug.
Documents when saved appear all messed up and text is out of order, overlapping text and most importantly reductions that re removed when document is saved.

We have confirmed this issue in the two latest version of the Nitro Pro, and

We consider this to be an issue of great importance and if we don’t find a solution in a reasonable time frame, we are considering options to replace NitroPro, as this is business critical requirement, and the software is enabling us of completing our work.

Note on Support, this is very unusual not to have support email and/or unable to raise a ticket with technical support for issues like this.


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