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No help from Nitro themselves, I see

jeff b

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I always love companies who want to sell their product to everyone, but you can't reach them for help. "Go talk to other users on our forum and maybe someone there can help. Don't bother us." Everything about Nitro says "Stay away. We don't want to talk to you".

If they'd make a product that HUMANS COULD USE, we wouldn't NEED TO CONTACT tech support in the first place.

1) Is there any way to make the ever-annoying text box outline to go away when typing on pre-made forms? For example, download this form https://www.georgiamagistratecouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/new-mag-35-31-affidavit-of-garnishment.pdf   Every time I want to type, I get the annoying text box outline that helps to visually distract for no good reason for each and every line I need to type on. 

2) When I want to use the pencil, is there any way to choose a color and lock it in? I want red but it always does it in blue, then I have to select red and it will make that one pencil mark red. But the next time I use it, it's blue again. 

3) Is there some easy way to move stuff you typed, rather than having to play around with it with the drag feature that just resizes it? 

4) Heaven forbid that I should ask, but if I ever need help quickly, is there some way to reach Nitro where they would do us "a favor" and talk to us? 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @jeff b

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

My apologies if you have not receive a reply to this community forum post. 

In checking the document from the link, I do not see any form fields to type in a text. Form fields usually appear when clicking the 'Select Fields' under Forms tab. 
If you are typing a text using the Type Text tool (Home tab > Type Text), there should be no box outline that appears when typing.
If you are placing a Text Field form (Forms tab > Text Field), you can remove the box outline under the forms' properties. To do this, click the Select Fields tool then right-click the form and hit Properties. Under Appearance tab, set the Border color to None. 

Regarding the color of Pencil, by default it is in color blue. If you would like the color to be in Red by default, here are the steps:

a. Create an object using the Pencil tool
b. Go to Home tab then click Select tool. Right-click the object then hit Properties. 
c. Under Appearance tab, change the color to Red. You can also check other properties here according to your preference. Click Close when done.
d. Right-click again the object then click 'Make Current Properties Default'. 

The next time you use the Pencil tool, it will follow properties that you have set to be the default. 

Switching to the Hand tool and selecting the object is the usual way to move objects from one place to another. 
You can use the options in the Alignment tab that appears when you select multiple objects. 

Our Community Forum is monitored by Nitro Support staff and users are welcome to share their thoughts and knowledge to every posts.
Currently, the support ticket is for Business and Enterprise including newly purchased single-user licenses. 

Kind regards,

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