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lost my serial number

Andreas Hirsch

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Andreas Hirsch

Trying to move the license from one computer to another and followed the instructions to disable the license on the old computer. The license number was only partially visible before I started disabling and I was hoping to see the license number after. No such luck. 

How can I recover the license number? Your AI is rather useless.



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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Andreas Hirsch

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

The details of the license I found under your email address has been sent here via direct message. 
Please check on it and follow the steps on how you can use it to the other computer.

Kind regards,

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Charles Stevens

The support for Nitro Pro is absolutely useless. Converted a Nitro doc to word yesterday and thereafter get two error messages telling me to reinstall Nitro

mfc140u.dll and MSVCP140.dll 

Cannot get full serial number off my other laptop as it only display first six number then a series of XXX's 


Always enjoyed Nitro and what it can do but any issues are a nightmare and the support is non existent 

I did recommend it to my new company but will tell them not to bother now


Good way to lose 74,000 new users !!

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