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Redaction works differently depending on PDF file used.

Eric S

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On my first PDF file, redaction works exactly as I would have expected.   I mark the areas to redact (using the redaction tool to draw a box around the object) , and when I apply the redaction, it redacts exactly what I wanted in the color that I wanted it.

On my second PDF file.  I mark the areas to redact the same way, however when I apply the redactions, two unexpected things happen.   The first is that it redacts all content across all pages in the PDF where those pages have content that matches the targeted content and is located on the same relative space on the page.    The second and larger problem is that the intended targets are redacted with the selected color, but all the unintended targets are highlighted in black.

I looked through the forum and saw several issues regarding redaction, but nothing that described this.

Side note: In the second document, if I do search and redact, it redacts all instances correctly.


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Update:  I was using Nitro Pro Version 13.58.   I updated to the most recent version 13.70 and it did not make a difference.   


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