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PDFpenPro 12 download for Mac

james fitzpatrick

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james fitzpatrick

I have a license for PDFpenPro 12 for Mac and I can't find the download for it.  When I go to the download page it is only for PC and downloads a .exe file if I try it.  Please provide or point me in the right direction download this old version.  Thanks

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This process is SOO convoluted. The Nitro website could NOT be more Windows oriented. Do you all care about Mac users?

Like James above, I too have a license for PdfPen pro 12 and downloaded it from the link you inserted above and migrated it to applications. It shows up as an application.  When I click on the icon,  and then click on Continue Using the Old Version, I get the error: To continue using an older version of PDFpenPro, you will need to download it.

The PDFPenPro application is 272 MB but is grayed out so that I cannot select it.


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