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When printing how do I get the date and time of printing to appear?

Rachel Knight

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Rachel Knight

My company requires the ability to know when a document was printed.  Is there any way to put a date and time stamp on a PDF so that it automatically puts the date and time when a document is printed?  Im pretty limited in my knowledge, and all I can manage to do it put a date and time stamp on my document, but it doesnt  change when printed.


We need to be able to link the printed documents.  So if someone printed the same document at a different time we need to be able to identify this.  I just cant seem to figure out how to do it in Nitro.

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Rachel Knight

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

This can be possible if your printer has the Header-Footer Print feature.
You can check the printer settings of your printer before you print the document in Nitro PDF Pro. 

As an example on my Brother printer, the Printer Properties > Advanced has the feature below:


When this option is enabled on my printer, it will add a date and time of print execution. 

Kind regards,

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