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PDFpen upgrade to Nitro PDF?

Thomas Byers

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Thomas Byers

Hello.  First, needing to provide BUSINESS information to create an account on a community forum to get any kind of support for a personal product (PDFpen) is a bit ridiculous.  That being said, here I am.

I purchased PDFpen (macOS) from Smile back in April 2022, not fully realizing the acquisition by Nitro.  Is there an upgrade path from PDFpen (my current version is 13.1, not sure I've seen any update since I originally purchased), to Nitro PDF (which appears to be on a newer 13.x version), or do I have to completely repurchase?  For the most part PDFpen works fine for me, but there are a few little annoyances that might possibly have been addressed in updates to Nitro PDF.   Also not clear if that upgrade path would be to Nitro PDF or Nitro PDF Pro.  Not really finding that information on the site.

Thank you.

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Thomas Byers

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!
I apologize for the confusion when creating an account. You can still create an account using a personal email address like a Gmail account. 

Regarding PDFpen, the application has been rebranded after the acquisition. The PDFpen 13 will now be Nitro PDF Pro 13 Essentials while
PDFpenPro 13 will now be Nitro PDF Pro 13 for Mac.

In checking your email address, I can see that you have an existing license code of PDFPen 13. This is now Nitro PDF Pro 13 Essentials and you can use that license code to activate the application. You can download the Nitro PDF Pro 13 Essentials through the link below:

https://downloads.gonitro.com/macos/Nitro PDF Pro Essentials_13.3.0.dmg

There is no upgrade path if it is PDFpen to Nitro PDF Pro 13 Essentials. Simply install the Nitro PDF Pro 13 Essentials then activate it using your license code.

The upgrade will happen if you wish to use the Nitro PDF Pro 13 for Mac where you will need to upgrade your license for that edition. Once the license is upgraded, you can proceed with installing Nitro PDF Pro 13 for Mac then activate it using the upgraded license. 

Here's a table comparison of Essentials and Pro: https://www.gonitro.com/pdfpen#compare

Kind regards, 

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Thomas Byers

Hello sir, thank you very much for the reply.

I was able to successfully download Pro 13 Essentials and upgrade to it.  I did have an issue with the migration process for settings and registration, on multiple attempts it gave me an error which unfortunately I did not capture, however I was able to open the application itself and manually register my PDFPen 13 license code with no issues.  I am not aware of any PDFPen settings that I really needed migrated over so far.

Thank you for your assistance, I will review the differences between Essentials and Pro, and determine if I need to upgrade further.

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Frank Herling

Hi, I was also confused concerning the rebranding. Is there a comparison between PdfPen13 and Nitro 13 Essentials?

I am using it in several shell scripts on my Mac. So I am afraid that these scripts will not work anymore after switching to Nitro?

Is there a migration guide available? Or do I only need to change the name of the executable?

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