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NitroPro 13 will not open on my Desktop.

Kristin DeGroot

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Kristin DeGroot

When I attempt to open Nitro Pro, it shows that it's open in my taskbar but when I hover over it, it's a blank screen and it won't maximize (open full window). It has worked before on this computer, and I am able to open it properly on my laptop. Thanks

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Kristin DeGroot

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I have seen this behavior before when the application launches but it just appears in Windows' Taskbar and it does not exhibit any error message. 
Please try the following and see if it helps:

1. Open Nitro PDF Pro again. 
2. From the Windows Taskbar, focus on Nitro Pro by clicking on it.
3. Press the Windows key + Left/Right arrow on your keyboard until the Nitro Pro window appears.

Sometimes this happens when Nitro Pro is stuck outside the displayed area on your monitor. 
You can also check if you can move the Nitro Pro window (in case it's off-screen) by holding Shift and right-clicking the Nitro Pro icon in the Taskbar and selecting, "Move". Then, continuously press the Left/Right arrow key on your keyboard until it appears on the screen.

You may also try Maximizing the application in the Task Manager > Processes tab. When you see the Nitro Pro icon under the Processes tab of Task Manager, expand it then right-click and select Maximize. 

Kind regards,

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