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Version 13 fails to convert a PDF file to a word file


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Since I upgraded Nitro from version 11/12 to version 13, No task of converting PDF to word was accomplished by Nitro.  Any attempt to convert a PDF file to a word file would meet with a failure message saying the task cannot be done. Such a disappointment.  Please do not imitate Apple's habit of charging user for reducing functionality.

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Desiree Langenberg

Same problem here.  suddenly after the update, no coversion possible anymore.  Get the error message: The creation process encountered an error and failed to create a PDF file. please try again... Tried everything and no luck..

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Reymund Oyong


Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

Could you please check if you have the Nitro PDF Creator as one of the printers in the Printers & Scanners section of Windows? 
If so,  please try opening a Word document then print it using the Nitro PDF Creator then observe if it will produce a PDF or will generate an error message. 

Kind regards, 

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