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.doc not converting to .pdf from Word or within Nitro

Andrea DeMichael

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Andrea DeMichael

Within Nitro - "The creation process encountered an error, and failed to create the PDF file. Please try again."

Within Word - "An unknown error occurred."

I recently updated Nitro because it was crashing/freezing every time I tried to create a pdf or combine pdfs.  (It would freeze but would ultimately end up creating the pdf.  Now I'm worse off.😕)

Nitro Pro version



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Glenn Roberts

I am having the same issue with Nitro Pro 10 ( What changed for me is I have upgraded to Microsoft 365 from standalone Word & Excel.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Nitro and that has fixed the issue.

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Andrew Marsh

I have the same issue. We use Windows 365. I have recently installed PDF Pro 14 and receive the same error message as Andrea.

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