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Freezing and lost documents

David Wrigley

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David Wrigley

When working on a document and it is ready to be saved, I save it to my files.

Back in Nitro the page I just saved is present and an hourglass icon is on top and page is frozen.
As understood I click on the hourglass to refresh. I periodically get a popup that says Nitro Pro is not responding. No rhyme or reason to when or why this happens. 
Rebooting the program has not cleared this periodic error from occurring. 
The options are to Restart, Close or Wait for program response. 
When I choose Restart sometimes the document I just saved is there and sometimes it is gone, showing a blank page. 
Other times there are other open docs that have disappeared as well.
When latest doc is refreshed a popup reads 'Unsaved changes to this document have been recovered'. 
I need to click on 'View original document' within that pop up, and when it opens again the latest edits are not there. 
When the document is lost the pop up says 'The original document is not accessible. It may have been moved or deleted'. Which it was not, just saved to my files. 
Other open docs may still be there or not, with last edits gone or not.
There are various potential occurrences that happen repetitively here.
Either circumstance I then need to go to my saved file and re load it to Nitro if I need to make more edits.
I have not found any resource to help with stopping this from happening included the aforementioned program reboot.
Am hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. This is causing a lot of downtime for me. Thank you.
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David Wrigley

Hello all, has anyone been able to investigate this for me?

Or suggestions where else I may find support?

Thank you!

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