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NP (and earlier) - Copy and pasting objects such as lines and arrows causes previous pastes of object to vanish or causes crash

Ryan W

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It seems any of the shapes that require multiple clicks to complete (such as arrows, lines, polygons, clouds) are susceptible.  But squares since they only require one click and drag, are not.


Video sort of showing what happens:

Sometimes this will lead to a crash:



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My users are using copy/paste to copy lines with color changes to them, rather than drawing a new line and changing the color after the line is drawn.  Otherwise it's very quick to draw successive lines in the default color/width of the tool.

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Track One PM

I am having the same issue with copy pasting the shapes. When you paste, the original vanishes. Guess it's a glitch in the latest update. Kindly fix this at the earliest

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Jayden Wignall

I too am having the same issue. It’s really annoying as I have just purchased the new software and it seems to have a heap of bugs. It’s a shame as it use to be really good and now its full of problems. I will be waiting a week or so to see if these are fixed and if not, then I will be requesting a refund. The latest addition of Nitro is completely useless to me with all these problems.

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