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option to write from right to left

Guest gil


 I like the software but unfortunately there is no option to write from right to left like in hebrew language.

Only possible to write  characters from right to left  inside notes but not inside text box. 

I think your software is better than paperport but because of not supporting this feature - unfortunately i'll have to use paperport

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I also like the product but cannot enter right-to-left languages (Arabic in this case). The program accepts the characters but displays them left to right.

Even the free Adobe Reader allows the correct entry of Arabic in PDF forms.

I am currently looking for alternative editors. If you guys are planning an upgrade to do R-L languages, please let us know.

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susmar marmulak

Hi. I also downloaded a free trial of pro version. as soon as I started editing, I realized that I am typing in reverse. like : ' siht ekil ' !!!

can you please add the compatibility for right to left languages? Persian in my case. (the one with  ژ & گ & چ & پ )

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