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error -24 trying to move program to new laptop

Mary Elliott

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Mary Elliott

Hi, my serial # is ****

I'm getting hung up trying to deactivate Nitro Pro 8 on my old computer (or the new one where a trial version has been downloaded)

I hit the deactivate button, and popup says "select devices to deactivate", as if it will give me a list of computers (devices?) on which the program I want to deactivate is installed.  There is no list. There is nothing to select, Just the OK on the popup telling me to select devices.  If I hit OK to move on, I'm looking at the same window with the deactivate button that generated the popup, and a table that has my serial  #, active, 0 activations, 2 allowed.  So- pulleeeze help me get it deactivated on old computer, and the non-trial version activated on my new one.   Thanks! Mary

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Deleted Confidential Information (Serial Number)
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Leslie V

Hello @Mary Elliott

Thanks for reaching out to us! I am happy to assist you.

Please note that we no longer support Nitro Pro 8 and its activation servers have been shut down.

We recommend to upgrade to our latest version, V13, which comes with significant stability and security improvements, as well as many feature enhancements, in particular in conversion and OCR functions. To upgrade to Nitro Pro 13, please visit our upgrade page: 
Alternatively, you can upgrade to the latest build of Nitro Pro 12. Per our Sunset Policy, https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/sunset-policy, we have stopped making feature enhancements to version 12 once we released version 13. You can find Nitro Pro 12 installer from the page below and activate it with your current Nitro Pro 8 serial number. 

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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Mary Elliott

Can you tell me- where are the bmp or whatever files stored for the signatures I had available for the 'Quick Sign' feature in my NitroPro 8 program? There were several and I'd like to copy them over to the version 12 . I looked in the program files for Nitro\Pro 8

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