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Object Tool Problems

Jayden Wignall

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Jayden Wignall


I am having a problem when trying to use the object tool in Nitro Pro 13 - which i have just purchased. I have been using Nitro 11 since it's release.

Everytime i select an object and then go to use the object tool format (Height & Width) to resize the object. Let say its 142 High and 108 Wide and i use the little up & down arrows on the number box next to the height & width selection, when i adjust the hight down from 142 to 141 the width jumps from 108 to 319. If i click the hight down again to 141 to 140, the width jumps from 319 to 950. This keeps happening everytime i adjusted the height down, so if i adjust the height down from 142 to 137 the width becomes 25412 which is wider than my page. I have tried unticking Lock Proportions as well to see if that might be the problem but it made no difference.

Previously when i was using Nitro Pro 11 i was able to click down on the height, and the width would automatically adjust down to keep it in the proportion. I am not sure if this is a glitch or if there is a setting which i now have to adjust or set differently? I know you can adjust by selecting the object and move the side, top or corner with the mouse, but sometimes my PDF objects are small and needing to constantly zoom in and out, just to be able to grab the object properly, really reduces time efficiency.  It has really got me stuck as to why it's changed with the upgrade to the newer version or why it does not work as it previously did on earlier software versions?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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