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[META] Your forum website's user authentication page seems to be broken on Chrome

Harrison Chu

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Harrison Chu

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I've been using Google Chrome since Monday and I have not seen this issue so far.
I have also not received a similar report about an issue when accessing the Community Forums using Google Chrome. 

Please try to reload the browser or switch to Incognito mode then see if it will make a difference. 

Kind regards, 

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Harrison Chu

@Reymund Oyong Thank you for letting me know, I took a closer look since you've advised you're not having any issues with Chrome browser on your end.  Starting an instance in Incognito mode appeared to still replicate the same behavior, so I tried starting an instance with extensions disabled and this time it was able to load.

I've tried toggling through my extensions (I don't use many), and the culprit appears to be Tampermonkey.  However, here's the strange part: I don't have any active scripts that include Nitro's domain pages.  I did have two that run globally — one for adblock and one for extending context menu entries — but toggling both of these off did not appear to have any effect, only toggling off the entire extension allowed the login page to load.

I'm happy with just having figured out the causal issue on my end, but I'm not sure if your site dev would want to further pursue resolving the root cause?  If you guys have a site repo or an internal bug reporting system, I'd be more than happy to fill out an issue or bug report.  Just let me know, otherwise hope you have a great day!

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