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Expired Trial Message- Users unable to Redact or Erase Whiteout

Jeremy A Snearl

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Jeremy A Snearl

I have reached out to Nitro Pro Support on three separate occasions for this issue as it is starting to affect my organization as a whole. As an organization, we are currently using Nitro, which I understand is the most updated version. However, users are not able to edit, redact, or erase whiteout as their applications show an Expired Trial message. After attempting to enter the activation key successfully, that does not clear the Expired Message. I have reinstalled the Nitro from the website directly but that does not do anything. Additionally, I have not heard back anything from Nitro Support. This issue has been ongoing since Monday and I still have no update to give users in the company. My only guess would be that when Nitro updates on our imaging server, it is updating to the Business version and not the Enterprise version that we have been using. 

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Jeremy A Snearl

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

In checking your email address, I can see the support ticket you've submitted. I can also see the responses we've sent but it seems that they're filtered out as we keep encountering a mail delivery error.

I recommend checking your email if there are messages there were filtered out.
Please check as well for the email we've sent using our personal email address. 

Kind regards, 

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