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I wanted to connect my license with my online account

isdory lyamuya

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isdory lyamuya

I wanted to connect my license with my online account, I'm not sure of the disconnection. License number ******

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Deleted Confidential Information (Serial Number)
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Hello @isdory lyamuya

Thank you for providing the serial number. It corresponds to a license for the Nitro PDF Pro application, which is designed to be installed on your Windows computer.

Regarding your online account, it seems you might be referring to Nitro Sign. Could you please confirm if that is the case?

Kindly note, Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign are distinct programs, each with its own purpose and unique features. Nitro PDF Pro is a desktop application for editing and creating PDF files, while Nitro Sign is an online platform specifically designed for electronic signatures and document workflows.

It's worth noting that Nitro PDF Pro includes integration with Nitro Sign, allowing you to seamlessly access Nitro Sign features directly from within the Nitro PDF Pro program. You can simply log in to Nitro Sign via that integration in Nitro (upper right corner) and request for signatures using Nitro Sign.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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