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Vertical alignment doesn't distribute fields evenly

Stella Logan

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Stella Logan

When creating multiple form fields, and then selecting them all and applying Vertical Distribution (i.e. Properties > Distribute > Vertically), the bottom field does not align evenly with the other fields. I've attempted this multiple times with different fields and the outcome is always the same - there is a large gap between the second-last and last field, which is disproportionate to the spacing between all the other fields. It seems like the distribution is applied to all the fields except for the very last one.

So, basically, I have to move every single field manually to make them spread out evenly!

I use PDF software to create fillable forms and workbooks as part of my job.

Very recently purchased Pro 14 (, and am dismayed that a paid version has such a crucial yet unfixed bug. Had previously used v10, which did not have this issue.

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