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Steven Zakulec

Hi @jebinio, the answer to your second question is select your textbox using the Select Fields tool on the Forms tab.  Go to Properties, and select Border Color.  If you pick No Color, the border disappears. Once you have done this, go to the Home tab and click the Hand to see the textbox now has no border. The blue that shows up when you go back to normal browse mode is just to highlight that there is a textbox there.

If there is a background to your box, you can remove it the same way- set Fill Color to No Color.

To make your logo background transparent, you need to use a picture editor (ideally whatever was used to create the logo, or just have the picture exported with a transparent background).

If this answered your question, could you click the green checkmark to mark this as answered?  If it didn't, tell me what you still need. Thanks!

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