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Find and replace

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Steven Zakulec

For text, you want to use the Edit tool- it's right below the Hand tool.  Hover over the block of text you want, and click on it.  You'll be able to edit that text then.  To add a new image, go to the Review tab, and click on Add Image.  If you need to replace an image, use the Edit tool, and click on the image.  On the far right, you'll see an Object tab- click on that, and then click on the Format tab.  You'll see an option to replace the image there.

Hope this helped- if it did, please click the green checkmark.  If not, please tell me.


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What I really want to do is find a certain text string and replace it with a new text string.  For example, find all instances of "Page " and replace it with "Page A4-" throughout the PDF.  This is similar to most word processor software's "Find and Replace" feature.

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Hello @DRFinnell,

I am afraid at this time, there is no Find and Replace option within Nitro Pro . Nitro Pro is not designed to be a Word Processing replacement but for minor textual edits. I would recommend converting the document to Word to make the global edits and then convert back to PDF using Nitro.

I hope this helps!

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