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Default Open all documents in Bookmark/Pages View?

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Good Morning, lovelies. 

For individual documents, I know I can follow this process to set the opening view to include the Pages/Bookmark tab. Is there a way to set that as a global default, so every document opens with the pages tab?

And, whether that works or not, is there a way I can set the pages tab to remember to be two thumbnails wide, etc, so I don't have to resize it every flippin time (again, as a global setting, not document-specific)?

Thank you,


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Leslie V.

Hello @Shaebutton,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Unfortunately, these settings cannot be set as default across all your files. It is set per document.

We are always looking to improve Nitro Pro, and we have an existing feature request for this. The development team is aware that this is something our customers are interested in. While we cannot guarantee each feature request submitted will granted, rest assured our development team is notified.

Thanks again, Shaebutton!

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