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Merge two pages into one


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I have a three page pdf that I want to turn into a two page pdf so I can print a single double sided page. It doesn't matter if the second page has the two pages rotated 90 degrees to fit side by side. Is there a method of doing this?

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Steven Zakulec

There's no easy way that I can think of to do this, but there's some approaches you could try:

Add a blank page, and use the Edit tool and select all of the objects on the first page you want on the second page.  Copy them, then paste them onto the blank page.  Resize the whole group down to about half the page.  Repeat with the second page.

Delete the second & third pages then.

Or you could just go to the second page in the document, do Edit and Select All, then resize down to half the page.  Go to the third page, use Edit, Select all, and copy the objects to the second page, and resize down to fit.  Delete the third page then.

Good luck!

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