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Maria Jones

Importing from an xls file into nitro

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Maria Jones

I am pretty computer savvy, but having a tough time with this.  The only file that can be imported are fdf and not sure how to convert the xls file into an fdf file.  Any help is appreciated.


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Steven Zakulec

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, so I'll go over the three things that come to mind here:

If you're trying to convert an XLS file to a PDF, you can do this by using the Nitro Pro toolbar to convert the file to a PDF- click on the toolbar, select any options you need, and then press Create PDF.  You can also right-click on the file in Windows and choose Convert to PDF with Nitro Pro, and it will make the XLS file into a PDF for you.

You can copy & paste to some extent from an XLS file into a PDF, but it's not guaranteed to work well.  Just select what you want, hit copy, and then use paste inside of your PDF to put the content there.

You can literally attach an XLS file to a PDF- these are called attachments, and to access them,  you would click on the paperclip, and then pick Add.

The import thing you mentioned is if you have a form, and you use some or all of the same data each time, you can export a form data file (FDF) with your answers, and then import it back in to save you time re-entering the same information.

Hopefully this answered your question- if not, let me know.  Otherwise, you can always contact support and they'll be able to answer your question: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

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