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PDF to Excel Missing Lines

Abdu Pandikkad

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Abdu Pandikkad

Just i bought Nitro Pro this morning, i'm wondering now that i couldn't convert my pdf files completely to excel with in a complete manner.

My file is a 100 page pdf file, while converting to excel all the information on the last three lines are excluded and not appearing in converted excel file.

it is repeating in all the pages, so now i have to add manually this line to my 100 page ???

It is working when i convert 2 pages at a time from this 100 page, but it is not a practical way.....

Can i have solution on this?



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Steven Zakulec

I highly recommend sending a support ticket in about your document, because it's going to be very tricky to figure out what's going on without your document- Nitro shouldn't be losing parts of the document.

Here's the support page: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

You'll want to include your problem description, and a zip file with at least 2 files: your original PDF file, and the converted Excel sheet.  If you have multiple examples of this, include them as well.

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