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Version 11 Crash


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I've installed version 11 Pro 3 times - Nitro Pro - Nitro Pro x32 and Nitro Pro x64. Each has continued to CRASH before I can even enter the license key. You've stopped my Version 10 PRO - and it says my "Trial" has expired. Hello, I bought that! When contacting your site, I was basically put in a que! Well, I have deadlines to meet & have no PDF editor / converter. I either want a refund NOW, or fix the problem.

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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @FBooth,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

I just saw your crash reports and was able to verify that the issue is caused by LavasoftTcpService. This file is installed within your system when you download adware programs. Although this has been frustrating, this nothing to do with Nitro. It is only affecting the program.

To clear up this issue, so that you can open the program, Microsoft suggests removing the LavasoftService.

Please run the free tool I have provided below, and once it has completed removing the adware on your system, retry opening Nitro.


For different examples of other people whom have had the same issue with programs crashing caused by the LavasoftService, please select the link below.


Please let me know how things go. Thanks!


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