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Font Problem


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I produce large PowerPoint presentations and convert these to PDF using Nitro 10 Pro.  I then distribute them via Dropbox.

My pc is a ThinkPad X260, Windows 7 SP1, Office 2010 patched up to date.

The slides have custom designed template (from a client), but the fonts are stadard Arial.

I can preview the file in Dropbox and the fonts are as intended, the same occurs when I open them in Nitro.

A printer in the middle east is having problems, when they open the file. The kerning is noticeably expanded on larger font sizes (e.g. 28 and 40 pt). 

I've saved the file as a medium sized, standard v1.4 PDF (no compliance) and my Creator settings default to font subset (fullset increases the filesize from 11 to 270MB).

The printer's PC appears to be a Windows machine (looking at a low res screenshot) and they also seem to be using Nitro.

My initial thought is that there is a font mismatch - but thought I'd check out if the community knows of anything I'm missing.

The client believes Dropbox is the problem, but I cannot understand how this could be a factor.  Any thoughts would be gratefully received.


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