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I just one direct answer regarding Adobe Indesign. We create our designs in Adobe InDesign and usually preview the designs in Adobe Pro, however, we have decided to try NItroPDF 11 pro. The problem is that when previewing the images they are distorted in Nitro and I have ask the question before with little resolve. I know files created in Adobe are proprietary to Adobe but I need to know if there is a work around of any kind or should I go back to Adobe. When I to print to Nitro PDF Creator Pro 11 to possibly edit the document, which is what one of your techs advised, the image is distorted. I just need to know if the file formats are just incompatible and to use Adobe instead. Please help and I did send in the images previously. 



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Steven Zakulec

Not having used InDesign, I don't know if you can do this or not, but is there an option to save or export to PDF (not print to PDF)? That way InDesign could create the PDF properly, and then you could use Nitro to make any edits to the file you needed.

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Hello @Lee,

Unfortunately, we do not officially support files from InDesign.

This compatibility has been greatly improved with Nitro Pro 10 and 11, however some errors may still occur.

As a workaround you can re-print the file to PDF by following the steps below:  

               Open the document in Adobe Reader

               Go to the file menu, and click Print

               Choose the Nitro Pro Printer, and click the Print button

               When prompted to Save, save the new document to the desired location

               Open the new document in Nitro Pro

Though please note that the results may vary. Should you find that the output is not desirable, as this is a proprietary Adobe format, we suggest trying Adobe reader for this specific file.

I hope this helps!

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