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Windows 7 update KB4034664 has corrupted Nitro PDF


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I have Nitro PDF Professional  Old, but it worked fine until late last night.


My PC did a Windows Update overnight (KB4034664 / KB890830).


This morning, can open pdf’s but not read anything in them.  All text was blank.


I uninstalled / reinstalled Nitro PDF. No difference.


Then System Restored to before last night’s Windows 7 Update (KB4034664).  Nitro PDF then worked again.


This afternoon, when offered the Windows Update again, installed it.  Now all Nitro PDF’s are blank again. (I can read documents in Acrobat.)


What to do please?  Anything to try?


If the answer is “buy a current version”, OK, but does the current version have same problem?

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Thanks but repair was no help.  Uninstall / reinstall also no help. I have downloaded Nitro 11 and that works for me. Looks like I will have to pay for it in 14 days.

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