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OCR results in huge file size increase (14X)



I am using Nitro Pro Anytime I OCR a scanned document, it results in the file being dramatically increased in size, to the extent that it is sometimes unusable. This is using the "Make Searchable" option, not "Editable."

For example: I just scanned an 84-page document, and it was around 5MB. After OCR, it was over 70MB. This is not a one-time event and happens with every single OCR job I do. It basically makes the software useless for its primary use. Any way to correct this? My old version of Acrobat results in only a small size-increase after OCR (maybe 10%, vs. 1400% with Nitro).

Thank you.

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Leslie V.

Hello @ATL2017,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

We may require the file and some more information so we can troubleshoot this problem.

Please open a support ticket here.


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