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Remove Page Titles Between Page Navigation Icons




Provide an option to remove the current page title from in-between the next and previous page icons or limit the characters so that these icons don't move.  It is really irritating when you're trying to go to the "next page" and the "last page" icon moves to the location of where "next page" was and you skipped all the way to the end of the document.  You should be able to click through the pages in sequence with out having to move your mouse cursor or watch for where it icon is moving from page to page.

We print CAD drawings to PDF and every sheet has a different title so the length varies from sheet to sheet.

Also, bluebeam allows you to zoom into a specific portion of the page then click to the next page and stay zoomed in on the same portion you were on the last page.  This is a great feature for proof checking documents, when your looking at headers, footers, title blocks, etc... Can you do this in Nitro or add an option to maintain your zoom level and zoom location when cycling through pages?

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