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Split Large Image when printing


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I have some large drawings that were produced in Visio and sent to me by a colleague as PDF files.  I need to split them to at least two 11 x 17 pages so that I can read the text in the printed page.  Is there an easy way to tell Nitro 10 print to 2 sheets instead of one?  (Original drawings are 34 x 44 inches in the file.)

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Steven Zakulec

Not really a good solution, but other than duplicating the pages & cropping them down to 11x17, if you can get the first 11x17 chunk on the screen, then go to File, Print, and under Page Range, choose "Current View".  This will print just what you currently see on the screen.  If you can line up the first half using the Zoom function, you might be able to do this without having to go the cropping route.

If it works let me know (and consider liking my answer); otherwise, you can always reach out to support and see if they have any suggestions: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

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Thank you for answering my question.  Actually I tried zooming in and printing the view shortly after I posted the question, and while it is valid workaround, I would rather be able to tell the software to split the file onto one or more pages so that I can more easily print double sided and have both views on the same sheet.  I was able to manually do this by flipping the paper and manually printing each view.

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