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When I sign a PDF after placing signature , I cannot sign again.  (Not using QuickSign..)  

Through Protect Document > Sign menu the first time the signature will display through dropdown and add.  Subsequent signatures attempts then disappear and no selection other than "Manage Signature Profiles, or "Create New" is shown.  Obviously some documents have more than one signature field , multiple pages.  Running latest version .  Reinstallation didn't help... Deleting and recreating signature profiles as well didn't resolve.  Suggestions ?    



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Steven Zakulec

So you can in fact sign the document multiple times, but it's not intuitive to do so after the first signature.

In your document, on the left hand side, there will be a fourth icon, right below the the bookmark.  This is the digital signature pane.  It will show all the signatures & signature fields in the document.

For any signature field, you can right-click and choose "Sign signature field".  This lets you go through the same process as the Sign button.

Hope that helps!


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If you click that pane on left it just shows you the "view and verify digital signatures in this document" ;  I can add an additional signature field from Forms menu but then when you go to sign it it just comes up with create a signature profile wizard and won't add an existing one.

Typically when adding a signature the cursor change so you can simply add the field and sign it but definitely not happening...

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