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Include scanner Fujitsu Scansnap

Guest JoT


Though Scansnap use proprietary driver, www.hamrick.com (Vuescan) succeeded in taking its control. Please ask Hamrick how he did the trick and let us use Scansnap on Nitropro. 

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Libby Skipworth

You can setup a custom profile to use the scansnap with Nitro - from the application tab of the scansnap manager add a new profile (you will need to find the .exe file that opens Nitro).

The scansnap app will still save a copy to a default folder, so if you rename and/or save the file elsewhere remember to rename (for version control) or delete the copy saved by scansanp (which will be saved in the default folder you have set under the save tab), so there is no confusion about which document is the one you want to keep.

I find that there are often edits I want to make, like removing a page that has nothing but a couple of dots (or the fold marks have scanned as a separate file), so I have set the Nitro profile as the default on the scan button settings.

I then rename the file and save it to the correct location (I use Dropbox, so I have this linked to Nitro), and then at the end of the day delete the files in the scansnap default folder - (if it's important that an unedited copy of the original is kept I rename it, and save to the correct folder, edit, and then give the edited version a new name)

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