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Remove JavaScript and hidden fields


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I have a document we've created in Nitro Pro 11. It is a form with lots of text and checkboxes. When we open it in some other PDF viewers, there are extra checkboxes on the form that are not visible in Nitro. Even when we get Nitro to display all the form fields, these don't show up in Nitro.

A second (possibly related) problem is that both Nitro and some other PDF viewers tell me that the form has JavaScript in it. We created the form from scratch and the person who did it wouldn't even know JavaScript exists so I doubt they entered it. So we just want to get rid of the JavaScript. I've tried going through File / Optimize PDF and removing JavaScripts but the resultant file still shows up as having JavaScript.

So I need to:

1. Get rid of these checkboxes that are invisible in Nitro but show up in some other PDF viewers

2. Remove JavaScript from the PDF

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Steven Zakulec

Unfortunately, you'll likely need to contact support because it seems like being able to work with and see the document is key, and I imagine you can't post it publicly.

Nevertheless, I do have a couple of suggestions that might help.

Under Forms, the "Select Fields" button will let you select anything that was created in the Forms tab (in fact, if you want to directly edit a form control, this is how you have to do it).

Just clicking on the tool will highlight every form object with the form control's name, assuming the object is big enough to show a text label (which is likely not the case for checkboxes and other small buttons).

If you draw the rectangle around an area, you'll get every form element selected in blue or orange.  This might point you to the checkbox.

Make sure the fields are all marked Visible, and not one of the other options.

For the JavaScript issue, you can check that under Forms as well.  There's a JavaScript button underneath Tab Order, with three options: Document level, Document actions, and Folder level.

I think it's most likely in Document Level.

You may be able to find out if JavaScript is attached to some form element by disabling Javascript, then trying to use the form, and seeing what, if anything, breaks.

If none of this helped, you'll need to reach out to support: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

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