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Prevent Nitro Pro from opening previous tabs

Wolf Steel

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Is there a settings to disable this?  I have a number of untrainable users that will not close each tab before they quit Nitro.  This results in 10-20 tabs open by the end of the day and exponentially slower performance.  And ideas?

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Steven Zakulec

There's some options you can change that might help, but they're not so much session management as history management.

There is an option you can set on closing Nitro that will close all the tabs- a window pops up and asks if you want to close all tabs or just the current one.  You can check "Remember my answer" to always close every tab when you close Nitro.  There's a registry key for that as well if you wanted to go that route.

If you go to File, Preferences, Appearance, that has all of the history options- you'll probably want to uncheck "Restore last view settings when reopening PDFs".

Hope that helps- if not, maybe send a ticket to support with what you are trying to do, and see if there's a way to accomplish it.

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