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Removing Built-in stamps (factory preset default stamps)




I wish to keep things simple and work fast. I wish that the Built-in stamps could be deleted away because they are disturbing my work flow. I use only my own stamps! I don't wish to see factory preset stamps which I never use. Please make them removable!

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Steven Zakulec

If you really want to do this, you can- it's obviously not supported by Nitro, and if something else breaks as a result of this, support may or may not be able to help you with the issue.

To do this, you need to delete two files (I highly suggest making copies of them first, storing them somewhere else, and then delete the files).

Delete the files in C:\ProgramData\Nitro\Pro\11.0\Stamps , and then when you open Nitro again, the stamps won't be there- just your custom ones.

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