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Failure of combine feature to produce a polished pdf...


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I reported this earlier and wanted to add that the pdf function works but the combined function fails with the error... A problem has occurred when attempting to save the combined pdf file

I reported this and thought that it was because I was to pick pdf rather than combine when doing multiple files.  However I was correct because combine to make one polished file is broken.  Worked yesterday.  PDF creates multiple files.  I reinstalled nitro clearing all appdata areas.  I reinstalled the print driver and addins in the tools section.  But something has failed.  I am attaching the error and a log file which I hope captured the problem.  This is beyond me why all of a sudden the file failure occurs with 0 byte files.  The pdfs and jpgs are fine.  Something is very wrong.  Here is the error.... A problem has occurred when attempting to save the combined pdf file

I don't know if the problem is from windows creator fall update.  Nothing I know to do has helped.  Sorry again for the resubmit.  I have been on the board for years, I don't know why I am now a newbee.


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I cut the resolution of images to be combined from 300 to 150, the file sizes of 200 kb did not change that much.  However I was able to combine them and not get a failure error and the resulting 0 byte pdf file.  I re-imaged my drive with an Acronis backup from the 25th of October.  This was a time when I had no combining issues.  Unfortunately, files that were combined easily at that point now fail to combine.  Windows fall creator update was installed.  I can not figure out why the jpg resolution of 300 is rejected; these are not large files.  Using the PDF button creates individual files, that works.  The work around for combining 7 jpg files of 200 kb, was to open the convert all into individual files using the PDF button.  Then, while viewing the 1st image, insert the other six pdfs.  I have no idea why the combine function is now affected as I have changed nothing.  I guess it would be nice to learn if there are limits the the resolution of pdf and jpg files that are to be combined.

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