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embedding the font set into a pdf from MS Word

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I used the add-in and selected the option to embed the full font set into the pdf using the nitro driver.  The document that appeared did not display those drivers.

I used primo pdf's driver, setting the option to embed fonts and that worked.  What do I need to do with the driver to embed the document fonts into that document from the nitro printer driver add-in in MS Word?

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Kelvin V.

Hi @Tsoilihoi,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

To make sure that you gain the benefits of all the recent updates, please uninstall your current copy and download the latest version of Nitro Pro from here:


Next, please make sure you perform every step found below for full font embedding:

-Open your file in Word
-Go to File -> Print and change the printer Nitro PDF Creator 
-Click on Printer Properties
-Choose the Conversion Quality Custom and click Options
-Click on Fonts and change Embedding to Embed Fullset
-Click OK and print to PDF

Nitro Pro will use fonts installed locally on your computer.

For assistance on installing fonts, please go to Microsoft.com and their support page:

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/search?query=how to upload font

If there's an issue only with a specific font not embedding on the document, I suggest changing it to a different one and see how it works. 

I hope this helps. 


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