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Merge files using bash command


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Hi Nitro Forum,

I'm wondering if it's possible to merge documents through command line with a batch script or something similar?
I see that you can CONVERT documents with "NitroPro.exe /CV" command but I can't see the option to MERGE pdf together.

Is it something possible?


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Steven Zakulec

Not really- the commandline options are very limited currently.

Batch Processing doesn't list Merge or Combine as an option, so you'd be on your own to come up with a solution here. Batch processing does have a Javascript option, so that might be an option if you can make or find a script that does what you want.

Otherwise, you'd need something else to run Nitro and click the buttons for you (or figure out how to add custom actions to Batch Processing).

Leave a request in the Product Improvement forum if there's not already a similar idea there.

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